Partnership Programs

This is a stable and moneymaking business, which provides a pleasant and interesting way to make a living. It is an ideal business for those who enjoy meeting people and have organizational abilities. You are not selling but only merchandising.

The business is easy to run from home or any small storage facility utilizing your own family vehicle. Distributors have a high degree of flexibility in the times and days they choose to merchandise their greeting cards.

The overheads and the risks are low with the minimum capital investment. The exclusive and desirable range of greeting cards contains work by some of the most experienced and talented artists in this field. It is a general range that can accommodate the tastes of the majority of customers. The work is light, the stock is easy to handle and the Company provides full training. Ongoing continued support is available from the Home-Office staff, covering the trends of the cards. They also work with the retailers for general help. The Company's consignment plan and regular visits are the strength and acceptance of its proven concept.

Our greeting card prices are competitively lower as compared with the general market. This is a profitable and secure business that provides an immediate income and which can be built up rapidly.

Investment Sheet - $25,000.00

Here is what you get for your investment and inclusive of:

Invstment Sheet